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    Yang Hongjun, chairman of the board of directors, meets with Congolese and Malian envoys in Beijing

    / THE AUTHOR:Shaanxi Construction Machinery shares

         On January 26, Yang Hongjun, chairman of Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., met with the minister of the embassy of the Republic of Congo in China, Elenka Albert, and the first counsellor of the embassy of Mali in China, Ali Mustapha Dicko, in Beijing.
          Yang Hongjun, chairman of the board of directors, expressed his sincere welcome to the two countries’ envoys to attend the reply meeting of the users of the CRMA Road Machinery Alliance (Beijing) Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. (subsidiary). He knew the current investment environment and project construction in Congo and Mali in detail, and introduced the current development status of the company and its equipment manufacturing advantages on the basis of infrastructure construction to the two countries’ envoys. He said that the company actively responded to the Chinese government’s “The Belt and Road Initiative” and worked hard to expand overseas markets. Congo and Mali are old friends of China in Africa and hope Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. can contribute to the development and construction of the two countries and even all African countries. Envoys of the two countries sincerely expressed their willingness to actively build and promote a platform for Chinese enterprises to invest in their country through official channels, they also hoped to actively interact with Shaanxi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. to further strengthen commercial cooperation with Congo and Mali in infrastructure services.
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